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India's Open Banking and API Product Management, with Abhijit Dey

In this conversation, Jon Scheele interviews Abhijit Dey, VP of API Banking at Axis Bank, about Open Banking and Embedded Finance in India. They discuss the growth of Open Banking in India, the role of APIs in the banking industry, and the impact of digital transformation on customer experience. Abhijit shares his insights on the future of Open Banking, the importance of API governance, and the skills required to be an API Product Manager.

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Interview with Aki Ranin

The Interconnection of AI and APIs, with Aki Ranin, CTO of Goldberry Wealth

Aki Ranin, co-founder of Bambu, and currently CTO of Goldberry Wealth, discusses the interconnection between AI and APIs. He shares his journey in the AI data science space and explains how AI and APIs are intricately linked. Aki highlights the potential of large language models and AI agents in transforming industries and making AI-assisted tasks more efficient. He also discusses the challenges of discoverability and the importance of metadata in making information accessible to AI agents. Aki provides recommendations for individuals looking to understand the trajectory of AI and APIs.

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